chem2biz had invited about 20 experts from start-ups, public-private partnership companies, renowned players such as BASF and – thankfully – CHEM4CHEM for a round table discussion and exchange of views on the re-use of plastics on July 4, 2019 in the premises of TZL – Technologie Zentrum Ludwigshafen

Glad to see and hear that „social responsibility“, „sustainability“, „circular economy“ and so forth are increasingly becoming and recognized as key competences of chemists! Progress in

  • Fractionation of polymer remnants
  • Application of polymer waste for 3 D Printing
  • Chemical rather than mechanical recycling of mixed post-industrial and post-consumer plastics

is impressive and offering feasible options to get rid of „plastic waste“. There was a consensus on the motivation for recycling: It should not primarily be considered a „cost burden“. Recycling is an opportunity to practice „social responsibility“ and strengthening a corporation’s reputation

CHEM4CHEMs viewpoint: Recycling technologies‘  will eventually become economically more feasible, be it for learning curve or scale effects or for the fact that fossil resources are not infinite and alternative feedstock will become a must. This offers attractive opportunities for innovative chemical engineers and chemists